Sixty West Funds has identified and continues to identify unique and promising real estate investments in Opportunity Zones that enable tax benefits and provide potential superior returns.

Some of the real estate properties Sixty West has under control include:

Harvard – Korea Town

Los Angeles, CA

Planned Development:  $22.5 Million

Old Fourth Ward

Atlanta, Georgia

Planned Development $78 Million

Echo Westside

Atlanta, GA

Planned Development $275 Million

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, SC

Planned Development $52 Million

The Watermark

Henderson, NV

Planned Development $33 Million

Quarry Park

Atlanta, GA

Planned Development $200 Million

1410 N. Highland

Hollywood, CA

Planned Development $51 Million

Schrader Hotel

Hollywood, CA

Planned Development: $85 Million

The Grid

Mesa, AZ

Planned Development: $79 Million

The Kimpton

Greenville, SC

Planned Development: $59 Million

Vermont – Korea Town

Los Angeles, CA

Planned Development: $56 Million

There can be no guarantee that any property will be available for investment and the above representative list is provided for illustration purposes only. Subject to change without prior notice.