Sixty West’s approach to “Wall Street’s Hottest New Investment Vehicle”

“The concept of opportunity-zone funds is captivating Wall Street. Its inclusion in the tax law was celebrated by some big technology investors seeking ways to capitalize on stock market winnings while keeping their tax bills low.

The law permits an investor to roll over capital gains — proceeds from the sale of stocks or a home, for instance — into an opportunity-zone fund. The fund can then put the money in a zone by investing in, say, a condo project or affordable-housing units.

An investor who keeps money in a such a fund for 10 years is able to exclude 15 percent of the original capital gain from taxation. And — potentially much more lucratively — the investor would not owe taxes on any gains that accrued if the investment increased in value in that time.”

Sixty West Funds began structuring its Qualified Opportunity Zone strategies in 2018 in anticipation of the programs projected success.

The approach implements Sixty West’s impeccable real estate experience with a focus on development of mixed-used properties, including multi-family residential, hospitality, office, and retail located within designated opportunity zones . COO Amy Kelly believes the approach runs on an “entrepreneurial spirit with institutional standards.”


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